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Since 1994 I work intensely with 3D animation and modeling, as well as video editing and video/photo compositing. I have a big interest in storytelling so I started with easy stop-motion-movies, then I made 3D animation and character-design. 2008 I worked as modeler and 3D-Artist for the company e.sigma Systems Ilmenau, Germany particularly suitable for a real time engine simulation. 2009 I studied Virtual Design at the Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern, Germany for one year.


Now I do complex photo-realistic scenes with light- and color-design. Since that time I worked on some little comercial and non-comercial projects. Additional, I love technology. So I am familiar with basics of network technology and current computer systems as well. Furthermore, I am an ambitious amateur photo-videographer. Everytime I try to gain new knowledge and check out new techniques for better results. My focus is on compositing and animation. The aim is to work as freelancer or employer on this work front. I’m interested in non-comercial projects too.

In the last 20 years I mainly concerned with the following techniques:

Software and Modeling Skills
Software and Modeling Skills – David Grohs 2018